The Metro 100 Quint with HR 100 Ladder is a single axle aerial with 100’ of vertical reach and up to 92’ of horizontal reach with a pump, tank and hose bed.  The criss-cross under-slung outrigger spread of only 11’ allows for set up in tight locations.

Once on scene the Metro 100 Quint is equipped to get the job done with a mid-ship pump rated up to 2000 GPM and a 300 to 500 gallon water tank.  The extruded aluminum body has loads of compartmentation and the enclosed tunnels hold up to 127’ of ground ladders.

This versatile machine is available with the HR 100, LTH 100 or 110 aerial to meet department requirements


  • Typhoon or Cyclone cab
  • 58” and 67.5” cab lengths
  • Optional split-raised roof
  • Integral torque box chassis
  • 235” – 245” wheelbase
  • Cummins engine up to 605HP
  • Taper leaf front suspension with optional IFS
  • Spring or air ride rear suspension
  • Standard safety features include roll cage style cab, CrewGuard® & ABS
  • Clean cab options including Active Air Purification, HEPA filtration, easy-clean seating, and alternative SCBA storage available to meet customer
  • 100’ extruded aluminum ladder with a 2.5:1 structural safety factor.
    110’ ladder is available
  • 750/500 lb. tip load (dry/wet) with a 75 lb. equipment allowance
  • Criss-cross under-slung jack spread of only 11’
  • Pinnable waterway
  • Manual hydraulics, Advanced Aerial Control System available with
    optional body protection and automatic cradling
  • Options include Advanced Aerial Control System, wireless
    aerial controls, extended range monitor, 2.5” valve at tip, ladder
    brackets, axe and pike pole brackets
  • Extruded aluminum body construction
  • Sidestacker body featuring full height and depth compartments
  • LDH storage of up to 1000’ with reduced hose load increasing compartmentation
  • Body configurations with up to 217 cu. ft. of storage
  • Hale, Waterous and MAC 1 fire pumps available up to 2000GPM rated
  • Optional direct injection foam systems
  • 300-500 gallon water tank
  • Customizable discharges and pre-connects to meet departments needs
  • Stainless steel discharge manifold
  • Enclosed pump panels with winterization packages available
  • Multiplex electrical system with color display provides increased feature capability and improved diagnostics
  • Options include LED scene lights, LED ladder climbing lights and
    6-20kW hydraulic generators
  • Whelen® optical and audible warning packages standard, others optional


The Metro 100 Quint is available with a Typhoon or Cyclone chassis that has a 20″ formed integral torque box chassis. Our cabs are engineered with an extruded aluminum roll-cage design providing added protection for your crew. With the combination of generous compartmentation, ground ladder storage, hosebed and tank size, the Metro 100 Quint out performs, out maneuvers and provides greater value than the competition.


The HR 100 Ladder features a impressive dry tip load of 750 lbs. The waterway is a pinnable design so the monitor can be positioned at the ladder tip or pinned back at the end of section 3 for rescue operations. Extended travel range on monitor is available for enhanced capabilities.


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