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Canton Fire Department
Canton, MA

Courtesy of Chief Charles E. Doody

eMAX Rescue Custom Pumper

Shop Order: #140805

Dealer: Greenwood Emergency Vehicles

Department Profile
Canton Fire Department offers fire protection services to a population of 25,000 in an area of 20 square miles in Canton, Massachusetts, home of
Cornelius Callahan who invented the Smooth Bore fire nozzle. From two fire stations, its team of 53 career firefighters responds to 4,500 incident calls per year.

Truck Information
• Typhoon® long cab with 12” Vista roof and 186”
wheelbase chassis
• Cummins® ISL 400HP engine with Allison®
EVS3000 transmission
• Stainless steel body with enclosed pump
operator’s panel, rooftop compartments and
enclosed ladder and hard suction hose tunnels
• Low pre-connected hand lines with removable
• E-ONE eMAX 1500 GPM pump with 750 gallon
water tank
• Hypro/FoamPro® 2002 foam system with 25
gallon foam cell
• Akron® 125 GPM foam eductor with pick-up and
5 gallon foam cell
• Smart Power® 10kW hydraulic generator
• Whelen® upper and lower NFPA warning lights

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