Uhrichsville Fire Department
Uhrichsville, OH

Calendar Truck

Uhrichsville Fire Department
Uhrichsville, OH

HP 78 Ladder

Shop Order: #141550

Dealer: Advantech

Department Profile

Known as the Clay Capital of the World, the Uhrichsville Fire Department in Ohio serves a population of 8,134 over 34.5 square miles. Seven career and 15 volunteer firefighters handle an average of 600 incidents every year.

Truck Information

  • 52,840 lbs. GVWR
  • 220″ wheelbase w/ 12” galvanized powder coated frame
  • 11′-7″ +/-1″ travel height
  • 37′-6″ +/-1″ overall length
  • E-ONE Typhoon® 67.5” extruded aluminum cab, (2) SCBA bottle storage driver, below floor storage officer, severe duty interior, rear wall medical cabinet, Seats Inc® 911 seating for (6) with Ready Reach seat belt extenders and IMMI® SmartDock Gen2 SCBA brackets
  • Cummins® L9 450 HP engine with Jacobs® compression brake and Allison® EVS3000P transmission
  • Extruded aluminum body w/ SideStackerTM hosebed and slide-out rear access platform
  • Full height rescue style driver and forward officer side compartments with R∙O•MTM roll-up doors, enclosed wheel well storage for (4) SCBA bottles
  • 79’ of enclosed ground ladders
  • Hale QMAX 2000 GPM pump w/ Class 1 TPG pressure governor
  • Triple crosslays with storage pan to rear
  • 78’ aerial with 2.5:1 structural safety factor
  • Welded extruded aluminum construction
  • 16’ Jack spread with short jack capability
  • Capacity: 750 lbs. dry/500 lbs. wet + 75 lbs. equipment

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