REV Group (NYSE: REVG), a manufacturer of industry-leading specialty vehicle brands, has launched an enhanced suite of options for E-ONE, KME and Ferrara fire trucks, designed to help mitigate contaminants brought inside the cab and to promote a better environment for firefighters.

Having a variety of choices allows fire departments to select from multiple features for their trucks that can help crews remove contaminants from gear and keep equipment out of the cab. These features include:

  • Use of seating surfaces that promote a cleaner environment inside the cab, including vinyl, which is easy to wipe down, or fabric with an anti-microbial and anti-pathogenic protective barrier
  • Use of non-SCBA seats to help prevent contamination from air packs entering the cab
  • External transverse compartment across the back of the cab to store SCBA’s on pull-out boards for easy access. Transverse body compartment configurations are available to do the same that can be used with custom or commercial chassis products
  • Compartments over the front wheels on custom cabs with exterior access only for storing bunker gear
  • HEPA air filtration unit for inside a custom cab that will circulate the air, removing particulates. Having a separate HEPA unit results in no loss of performance with the cab HVAC system
  • A ¾ inch GHMT (garden hose) outlet on the pump panel, plumbed from the pump, provides a pressure regulated and temperature controlled water supply for gross decontamination of firefighters
  • Integrated system for automated dispensing of disinfectant inside the cab, reducing first responder exposure to harmful pathogens. This built-in design provides consistent and reliable delivery of disinfectant

REV Group Fire brands E-ONE, Ferrara and KME are committed to engineering and building fire trucks that can help prevent firefighters from being exposed to contaminated SCBA’s, PPE and other equipment that are often stored inside the cabs of fire apparatus today.

“Building on  our legacy of cab structural integrity, and our  structural safety factor on aerials, this suite of options and technologies is the next step to ensure we are working to providing the safest trucks in the industry to firefighters,” said Jay Johnson, Vice President of Product Management & Marketing and After-Market at REV Group’s Fire Division.

About REV Group, Inc.

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