With the ECO IDLE-TEC idle mitigation system, operation costs are reduced with less fuel consumption and less engine wear. The ECO IDLE-TEC battery powered idle mitigation system can automatically switch off the engine on non-fire related calls, eliminating engine noise and exhaust heat. Key systems like warning lights, scene lights and other electronics continue to function normally. Contact your local dealer to see how you can incorporate ECO IDLE-TEC on your E-ONE custom chassis.


    • Zero tailpipe emissions, fuel usage, and engine noise
    • Requires no routine maintenance
    • Results in less frequent DPF regenerations due to reduced idling
    • Results in less wear on powertrain due to reduced idle time
    • Reduced emissions for the environment
    • Lithium-iron energy module size based on requirements
    • Multi-color IMS display in cab that provides visual indication of energy module power condition, countdown timer to IMS activation and service / diagnostic access to the system
    • Auto-shutdown of chassis engine when conditions met
    • Auto-restart of chassis engine when energy module power drops to preset levels
    • IMS system is in addition to chassis batteries which are used primarily for starting apparatus
    • Fast recharge times for power module using a 400 amp alternator (minimum) and 80 amp shore power battery charger
    • Optional 120v auxiliary cab A/C can be powered with the ECO IDLE-TEC system (may require larger or additional energy module depending on loads and desired run time)
    • 5-year warranty on energy modules

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