Custom Rescue Pumper
Miami Dade Fire Rescue, Miami, FL

Custom Rescue Pumper
Miami Dade Fire Rescue, Miami, FL


Truck Type: Custom Pumpers
Location: Miami Dade Fire Rescue, Miami, FL
Dealer Name: REV RTC
Shop Order: 141781-141785
Body: Stainless Steel
Chassis: Strongest Cab
Engine: Cummins
Tank: 750 gallon
Pump: 1,500-gpm Hale Qmax

More Information

Biohazard Mitigation

  • External transverse compartment is designed with slide-out capability for rapid deployment of SCBA air packs once on-scene.
  • Wheel well cabinet safely stores firefighter bunker gear by providing only exterior access.
  • Non-SCBA seats help prevent contamination from air packs in the crew area.
  • Seats covered in antimicrobial upholstery promote a cleaner environment inside the cab.
  • HEPA air filtration unit for removing particulates is available.
  • Automated dispensing of disinfectant to reduce exposure to harmful pathogens is available.
  • Pump panel mounted, pressure regulated and temperature controlled water outlet for gross decontamination is available.

Extruded Aluminum Body and Pump Module

  • All-aluminum, high-strength extruded and corrosion-resistant design is backed by 10-year structural warranty.
  • All-welded structural roll-cage body design assists with protecting the chassis in the event of a roll-over.
  • High side body compartments on both driver and officer side provide maximum compartment space.
  • Extend down ladder access system makes ladder retrieval easier for shorter personnel
  • Aluminum hosebed cover without center divider to provide maximum hose storage flexibility.
  • Enclosed hard suction hose storage with rear access door.


Strongest cab in the industry

  • Cab can withstand over 5 times the static roof load and over twice the frontal impact required by NFPA.
  • New 74″ long cab provides spacious interior with overhead compartment storage.


Customized front bumper options

  • Severe duty front bumper with 6″ front intake and 2.5″ discharge.
  • Bumper hose storage areas for 5″ LDH and 1.75″ hose.


Plumbing options

  • 1,500-gpm Hale Qmax single-stage side-mount pump
  • 750-gallon water tank and a 30-gallon integral foam tank
  • Hypro/FoamPro 1600 foam system.
  • FRC InControl TGA400 pressure governor.
  • Task Force Tips 18-inch Extend-A-Gun manual monitor.
  • Hannay electric rewind booster hose reel with 200′ of 1″ hose.
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