ProTech, the unique new safety technology package developed by E-ONE, has received significant interest and activity since its debut during the 2013 FDIC. The Bryn Mawr Fire Company is the first department to order two new fire trucks featuring the innovative ProTech system.

“While we’ve never been in a major accident, we see them every day in the news and the statistics even show that most firefighter injuries occur on the way to or from a call,” said BMFC Fire Chief Dan Kincade. “While the system isn’t fool-proof, it certainly helps and adds a layer of protection we would not otherwise have. We have this technology in our cars, so why don’t we have it in our fire trucks?”

That line of reasoning is exactly what led E-ONE, a company with a foundation of innovation, to focus its efforts on developing a system to increase the safety of firefighters while in route to calls.

“We saw the need for this type of technology and made a significant investment in research and development to create a safety system focused on protecting those who protect us,” said Kent Tyler, president and CEO of E-ONE. “We’re very grateful to the Bryn Mawr Fire Company for their multi-truck purchase featuring ProTech and excited to see the momentum ProTech is receiving in the industry.”

ProTech is the industry’s most comprehensive occupant protection system that integrates the latest prevention and protection technology available today to offer an all-encompassing safety technology package. E-ONE’s ProTech system features OnGuard® for audible collision warning and accident mitigation, G4 electronic stability control for added stability, CrewGuard for occupant detection, and a 360-degree camera system for perimeter protection. If an accident does occur, the impact is cushioned with a steering wheel airbag, driver and officer knee bags, as well as side roll protection. And finally, all E-ONE cabs are designed with a roll-cage structure to offer maximum protection.

With all these unique features, for Chief Kincade and the BMFC ProTech was an obvious addition to the department’s new pumper and squad, or rescue, unit.

“ProTech was really a no-brainer for our committee,” said Chief Kincade. “The safety of our firefighters is our first priority and ProTech is a system like no other available on the market today.”

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