After two years as a proven, customer-focused E-ONE dealer for Arizona, E-ONE and H&E are pleased to announce H&E’s expansion into Colorado and Wyoming.

“We’re very excited about the new territory and H&E’s continued commitment to the fire service,” said Chris Brogus, General Manager for Colorado. “H&E is making a significant investment in the fire service division, this is evident by our recruitment of Jason Byrne for both his fire service and E-ONE sales background, our vast stock of E-ONE parts, the purchase of mobile pump testing equipment, and two dedicated sales and service facilities, one in Denver and one in Colorado Springs.”

While H&E is a large, national organization with 74 locations nation wide and 12,000 employees, both Brogus and Byrne insist the company prides itself on providing a local, intimate, customer-centric experience.

“H&E is a large national organization but operates on a local scale with emphasis on providing a local experience for customers,” said Brogus. “H&E’s size affords us access to great resources from both a personnel and equipment standpoint. But we have developed and are continuing to develop a team dedicated to the unique demands of the first responder industry.”

With 19 years of firefighting experience and 12 years of equipment and apparatus sales experience in the Buffalo, NY, area, Byrne’s commitment to H&E is evident by his recent move to Colorado.

“I actually sold E-ONE many years ago in Buffalo but when I left that job I opted not to sell for another manufacturer because I believe in the E-ONE product, so I’m excited to be back selling E-ONE apparatus,” said Byrne. “The E-ONE extruded aluminum design is engineered for the diverse, demanding jobs of firefighters, my experience as both a firefighter and as a sales representative has proven this time and again.”

Having an established relationship with H&E Arizona, E-ONE feels the territory expansion is a great move for both companies.

“H&E is known for offering top quality equipment brands and personalized customer service in the specialty vehicle market, their expansion of the E-ONE line into Colorado and Wyoming is a move we’re excited about because H&E represents all the characteristics of a successful dealership and will continue to put our customers first,” said Sam Itani, E-ONE’s Vice President of Global Sales. “In two years H&E has progressed by leaps and bounds in Arizona and we look forward to assisting with their new venture in Colorado and Wyoming.”

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