E-ONE®, a subsidiary of REV Group, Inc. and a leading manufacturer of fire apparatus, has received an order for 36 Active Air Purification Systems to be installed into existing fire apparatus for the Columbus Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services in Columbus, Georgia.

The units are being placed in the department’s front line and reserve apparatus. This includes 16 engines, seven ladder trucks, three squad trucks and 10 ambulances. Going forward, all new apparatus will have these units installed as a requirement.

As another innovative solution within E-ONE’s overall clean cab technology portfolio, the Active Air Purification System eliminates 99 percent of pathogens, including SARS Cov2 that causes COVID-19, both in the air and on surfaces, producing improved air quality and a much safer cab environment. Taking advantage of advanced photohydroionization (PHI) and UV technology, this unique purification system also offers:

  • Proven reduction in sneeze germs by 99 percent within three feet*
  • Proven efficiency on microbes (third party tested on Avian Flu, H1N1, sneeze test)
  • Proven impact on reducing odor

The compact design of the Active Air Purification System enables it to be mounted in different locations within the cab while still achieving the same results. This offers the flexibility required to retrofit the system into current vehicles. Purchase of these units is funded through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

“The purchase of the Active Air Purification Units is paramount to the health and safety of our employees in the ever-evolving infectious environments in which they are exposed,” said Mike Higgins, Deputy Chief of Administrative Services for Columbus. “These units will ultimately create a safer environment while responding to and from emergency alarms.”

Columbus Fire & EMS worked with FireLine Inc, E-ONE’s Georgia dealer, on the purchase and installation of these units. Due to increasing concerns about first responders’ exposure to COVID-19 and dangerous contaminants from firefighting gear, E-ONE has seen a continuous demand for the Active Air Purification System from fire departments around the nation.

“Columbus Fire & EMS and E-ONE have partnered on fire apparatus for many years.  Taking the next step to help this department provide innovative technology to protect their first responders is a natural fit.” said Larry Daniels, E-ONE’s Director of Sales.  “Our first responders deserve the best defense against harmful pathogens as they serve and protect our communities.”

For more on the Active Air Purification System, go to e-one.com

* Active Air Purification helps mitigate infection risk but should be used in conjunction with procedures in compliance with NFPA 1581 Standard on Fire Department Infection Control Program or equivalent department policy. This device does not filter fire ground contaminants.

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