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City of University Park
University Park, TX

Courtesy of Fire Chief Randy Howell

HPS 105 Ladder

Shop Order: #140554

Dealer: REV RTC

Department Profile
Founded in 1924, the University Park Fire
Department was originally established to keep up with the rapid growth of Southern Methodist
University. Located in University Park, Texas, the department employs 31 career firefighters at one station. They protect an area of 3.75 square miles with a population of 24,396 with over 2,500
incidents per year.

Truck Information
• Cyclone® low travel height aerial cab with split
raised roof and 250” wheelbase integral torque
box chassis
• Heavy duty front bumper with double crosslays
• Cummins® ISX15 455 HP engine with Allison®
EVS4000 transmission
• Extruded aluminum body with extended-height
rescue-style compartments, enclosed pump
panels and SideStacker™ hosebed
• 105′ high strength steel ladder with 2.5 to 1
structural safety factor
• Crisscross, under-slung outriggers with only
13′-8” jack spread
• Advanced Aerial Control System with pump
panel controls
• Hale® QMAX® 1750 GPM pump with 500 gallon
water tank
• Waterous® CAFS with Hale 3.3 FoamLogix™ foam
system and 30 gallon foam cell
• Harrison® 8kW hydraulic generator
• Whelen® upper and lower level NFPA warning

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