E-ONE’s light rescue is nimble but capable and able to handle any of the duties of the larger units in a more compact platform. This easy-out first response vehicle saves on department costs by not sending larger units unless needed. Some of the areas where these units serve have obstructions which do not allow passage with large rigs. You must be selective on what this light rescue carries but the seven compartment bodies with the many door configurations available will give any department space to carry the selected load to respond.

E-ONE engineers extruded aluminum products that meet or exceed NFPA standards and are built to last in the harsh environments where they serve. All E-ONE bodies are fully modular in design and construction, meaning the entire body can be lifted away from the frame without body failure. This construction is the most durable and ensures the longest service life in the industry.

First responders can count on the quality of an E-ONE light rescue to be ready to get the job done quickly when it matters most. E-ONE meets the jobs’ critical needs without sacrificing safety or quality.


  • Ford® F-550 2-door, 2-door extended, or 4-door cab
  • 4×2 or 4×4 applications
  • 19,500 lb GVWR
  • 6.7L  diesel engine
  • 6-speed automatic transmission
  • Bumper extensions
  • Modular 3/16″ extruded aluminum
  • Spacious compartments
  • Large open rear compartment
  • Roll up or hinged doors
  • Body uses 4-sided seamless extrusions interlocked and welded to 3/16” aluminum plating for a strong, yet lightweight vehicle
  • Compartment interiors are finished in natural, swirled or Zolatone® with vented louvers.
  • Structural roll-cage body design assists with protecting the chassis in the event of a roll over

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